Enhance Your Home’s Style With Wall Sconce Lights

At Illuminaries Lighting, all of our wall sconces are great additions to any interior or exterior area of your home, adding depth and tonality to the lighting arrangement of the space. Are you ready to enhance your home’s charm and allure with wrought iron wall sconces manufactured by professionals? If so, contact Illuminaries Lighting today to get started on your order.



Illuminaries Lighting crafts the most elegant wrought iron wall sconces on the market today. Our wrought iron wall sconces come in a wide variety of beautiful, sleek styles and models. You can trust that our range of options includes a fixture that fits the style and aesthetic that you are going for. To place your order for inspired wall sconce lighting fixtures, contact our team today!

Beautiful Wrought Iron Sconces

Our various wrought iron sconces maintain expressive features that are sure to impress any resident or guest of your home. Some pieces feature candlestick lights with classical references while others make their curled metal accents the point of emphasis. Some of our other wrought iron sconces offer a more muted style with a stenciled enclosure that produces dancing displays of light, while some feature combinations of these elements. Regardless of the vision that you may have for your home’s aesthetic direction and lighting fixtures, our selection of wrought iron sconces is sure to have the perfect visual match.

Iron Wall Sconces & Lights

Our amazing wrought iron sconces include variations in their build and shape, however, they are all made with premium, long-lasting materials that you can count on. Our outdoor iron wall sconces are all powder-coated for years of sustainable outdoor use without becoming susceptible to significant wear and tear. When you browse our iron wall sconces, you can trust that our fixtures are built to last longer than many of the fixtures made by our competitors. In addition to the quality with which our wall sconces are manufactured, they are also fully customizable in form and design. To customize one of our existing fixtures, just reach out to our team, indicate the piece you like most, then zero in on the updates you’d like to make before submitting your completed order. With our company’s flexibility in manufacturing our hand-forged products, you can customize the perfect indoor or outdoor iron wall sconce light for your lifestyle.