Add a touch of beauty and tradition to any indoor or outdoor space with a custom-designed wrought iron chandelier

Our rustic, wrought iron chandeliers and light fixtures are hand-forged with products sourced from right here in the United States. Whether you’re looking for double tier chandeliers, triple tier options, or something exquisite and different, our range of fixtures is sure to include something that resonates with you that you could see hanging from your ceiling. Browse our chandelier selections below in order to learn more about the rustic, wrought iron chandeliers we offer!


Wrought Iron, Rustic Chandelier Options

Our rustic, wrought iron chandeliers have positive impacts on the aesthetics of any home’s interior, providing visitors with a beautiful first impression upon entering the space and noticing the fixture. Our team offers chandeliers in custom dimensions and finishes so that when they are finalized and installed, each chandelier matches the existing design elements of your home. The customizable light fixtures at Illuminaries are reliable, elegant pieces and our glowing reviews from happy customers are proof of just that. Our representatives communicate with our customers throughout the entire manufacturing process to make sure each wrought iron, rustic chandelier ends up becoming everything that the client hopes for it to be.

Rustic Chandelier Styles

Illuminaries Lighting has been a trusted provider of rustic, wrought iron chandeliers for years and years. We’ve built trust with our following by doing quality work and creating dependable light fixtures and products that stand the test of time. If you’re in the market for impressive, rustic light fixtures to add flair to your home, Illuminaries Lighting has fixtures that are sure to leave you in awe. Take a look at our rustic chandeliers and see if any of our beautiful light fixtures connect with your vision for your home. Feel free to contact our team at any time if you have any questions regarding our fixtures.

Hand-Forged Iron Chandeliers & Fixtures

Our chandeliers and other light fixtures are hand-forged with care and attention to detail. Creating our fixtures this way ensures that our manufacturing process produces the most reliable, unique wrought iron chandeliers on the market. Our deep involvement in the creation of our hand-forged iron chandeliers allows us to make observations and adjustments as we move forward in the process, ensuring that there are no surprises when it comes to the finished product. Are you looking for beautiful lighting solutions that will upgrade your home’s look and feel? Our hand-forged chandeliers are just the solution for you. Reach out to our team today to get started constructing your new, customizable wrought iron chandeliers.