How to Make Your Light Fixtures Pull The Whole Room Together

Many people treat light fixtures as an afterthought in their interior design. This seems a bit silly when the light fixtures we use allow us to really see and appreciate our design handiwork, right? Let’s give lighting the spotlight it deserves and figure out how to make it a central part of the most elegant room designs.

Pull in A Unique Motif or Accent Color

Because most homes’ lighting is so understated, nothing stands out more to the eye than a lighting fixture that boldly displays a unique design motif or a pop of accent color. Seeing a unique lighting design on display in a store, for example, can often be intimidating. You don’t know where you would put that teal chandelier! Then these lovely designs get passed up for less intimidating neighbors. Don’t be afraid to go unique with your lighting. If you style the room correctly, it won’t look a bit out of place.

Positively Manipulate Space

It’s amazing the effect lighting has on a room. Simple sconces can light up a darkened recess that you wouldn’t have given a second thought. if there’s a neglected corner of your room you think could shine with a little attention cast on it by some clever lighting, use your light fixtures to your advantage. A professional interior designer may be able to give some ingenious tips about making your specific space seem more open and highlighted with planned lighting. In the meantime, some simple rules of thumb include highlighting subtle details like woodwork in your home, or focusing lights around special art pieces.

Literally Make It The Centerpiece of The Room

What could make lighting the centerpiece of a room more effectively than literally positioning it as the centerpiece? Centrally placed dramatic lighting can be absolutely magical. An array of pendant lights at different lengths can add drama and texture to a room. Go for a classic ballroom chandelier dripping in crystal, or maybe the more masculine silhouette of a wrought iron rustic chandelier.

Have your lighting the way you wanted it and still not satisfied? It might be the bulbs you’re using. Remember that the color and intensity of a bulb vastly changes the mood and aesthetic of a room. In 2017, around 56% of homeowners reported using LED lighting in their home. LEDs are great, as they are bright, energy-efficient, and can come in many colors. But LEDs can also come off as too harsh in some areas that call for softer lighting. Play around with different bulbs to see if that solves your dissatisfaction.