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How to Light An Entry Way: Design Tips and Tricks

Though you may not think about it often, the design and lighting of your entryway can have a big impact on how people perceive the rest of your home. After all, the entrance creates a kind of first impression for your home. As such, the space should have a bit of “wow” and personality, so that guests feel compelled to see more of your home.

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In any design, lighting and light fixtures play a key role. A well-lit room is automatically more beautiful, and light fixtures themselves can be statement design pieces.

If you think it’s time to bring new light into your home’s entrance, read on. Here are three tips for crafting the perfect entryway lighting design.

1. Above All Else, Consider Clearance

Perfecting entryway pendant lights can be a tricky task. First and foremost, you need to ensure that the light you select will physically fit in the room. Leave at least four feet of space between the pendant light and all surrounding walls– this gap provides plenty of clearance so that doors can open and close fully. Also, ensure that the bottom of the light is at least seven feet above the floor, so that your tallest guests don’t feel the need to duck when they come inside!

2. Use Lighting Layers

For homey appeal and a practical lighting approach, try incorporating multiple light sources near your entryway. For example, a single wrought iron light fixture hung from above can bring drama and ambient light, while wall sconces can illuminate the surface where you keep keys, mail, and other belongings. Adding multiple light sources makes the space seem more complex, and it gives you the freedom to be creative and flexible in your design!

3. Don’t Clash With Your Outdoor Design

Finally, select light sources that make sense with your home’s other design and architectural features, especially those outside of your home. After all, your entrance is the first thing a visitor sees after stepping indoors, so the entryway design should seem like a natural continuation of your home’s curb appeal. You can even mirror indoor and outdoor light sources– for example, if you include wrought iron light fixtures on your porch, why not use a wrought iron light fixture in your entryway as well?


A HomeGoods survey found that 9% of Americans haven’t updated their home decor in over 10 years, and almost half (47%) haven’t in the last five years. If you think it’s time to refresh your interiors, start with your entryway. Use these tips to help your entryway feel well-lit and welcoming. For more lighting inspiration, contact us at Illuminaries today!