Defining Elements of Spanish Style Design

Inspiring Influences – Spanish Style

Spanish-style interior & exterior designs are always very flavorful and vibrant and it’s no wonder we want to replicate the look in our homes. In order to do that you need to know the basics. It’s important to be familiar with the style and its defining characteristics so you get the look you want on the whole project.



A house that features a Spanish design has to look charming and inviting as soon as you lay eyes on it. You have the arched doorways and windows which are very popular in Mediterranean architecture as well as the simple tropical allure and the use of white for the exterior walls. Outdoor Spanish style lighting is also key. Wrought iron lanterns on exterior walls and Spanish style hanging pendants on covered patios are two great ways to achieve the look.


Front yards often feature flower beds and lots of fresh colors and there’s often a pathway that leads to the entrance and lets you admire the whole landscape on your way. Natural materials and organic forms are used to create a natural look. See our pinterest page for more ideas on Spanish style landscaping


The porch is the case of Spanish-style homes is usually a covered space. There are large archways that connect the space to the exterior and this is a sort of transitional area. The porch is an outdoor living area and the formal is very similar to the social spaces inside the house. This is the perfect spot to let that light shine. Incorporate the Spanish look on your outdoor space by using wall sconces in wrought iron or pendants and chandeliers.


The floors for the indoor spaces are covered with materials such as stone or wood and they have a textured design. They’re meant to add warmth to the spaces as well as to give them lots of character. See some ideas for flooring on our pinterest page here

Terra-cotta tiles and hand-painted Mexican tiles are used to give the floor its unique look. The floor thus becomes a visual point of interest for the home. Add a tile backsplash and exposed beams to complete the characteristics for this style.


Fireplaces are both functional and decorative elements and this style often features them with decorative mantels and frames. Ornate patterns and lines are used to make the fireplace stand out and sometimes contrast with the rest of the room. Use wrought iron wall sconces on either side of the fireplace to bring in the warmth Spanish design.


An interesting detail to take into consideration is the design of the stairs. Decorative tiles are used to make the staircase a focal point of the entrance hall. They feature different patterns and colors, each with a distinctive local character.

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