Bright Ideas for Lighting A SMALL ROOM

When decorating any space in your home, getting the lighting just right can be the difference between a beautiful room and an unattractive, dysfunctional area. Like kitchens, bathrooms, and offices, book nooks require just the right lighting to be useful.


A small room or reading area with poor lighting is not only less adorable, but also downright unpleasant. Who wants to read in a dark and dreary corner?


If you’re sad that your mini library is underused, try the following lighting tips for a better and brighter reading area:


Lighting Tips for Small Rooms


1. Think About Mood and Function

Before buying any lamps or sconces, think carefully about what you want the final look and utility of the space to be. If your reading nook is simply for pleasure, warm lights and accessories will help you create the perfect quirky or sophisticated space. If you’re hoping to accomplish reading for work or for studies, a reading nook should have bright, practical lighting to help you stay focused. Consider including a writing space and low-level light for note taking.


2. If You Can, Incorporate Windows

Windows provide natural, inviting sunlight that enhances the beauty of any space. A reading nook placed near a window makes for cozy mornings and relaxed afternoons spent lost in a book.


3. Try Creative Lights and Lamps

Even if your little library is near a window, you’ll need a few electric lights for after-dark reading. Consider placing two lamps to balance the angle of light on the page and to help reduce glare. Floor lamps are also a great option, and can be placed behind a chair or sofa for the perfect over-the-shoulder light needed for well-lit reading.


4. Save Space with Overhead Fixtures

If your reading nook is a tad small and doesn’t have space for floor lamps or end tables, overhead options like wrought iron pendant lights or chandeliers can maximize light without limiting elbow room. Wall sconces, wrought iron pendant lights, and other light fixtures can even be battery powered or attached to your home’s electrical system, so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet or making space for an unattractive cord.


5. Layer for Interest 

Finally, for a more complete and intentional-looking space, incorporate multiple light sources. Mixing smaller lamps or different-colored lighting accessories with wrought iron pendant lights can “layer” light, which allows you to adjust the room’s brightness for different moods, and creates a homey glow.


Book lovers know the importance of a well-lit reading area. If your nook needs an update, a total transformation with fresh lighting can be quick and affordable.In 2016, Americans spent only about $70.89 on lamps, lighting fixtures, and ceiling fans. A few dollars can be the difference between a bright beloved reading area and an underused, dim corner. Follow these tips to help your eyes and mind stay focused while diving into your favorite story.