3 Tips to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Chandelier

When designing your dining room, proper lighting is of the utmost importance. A well-lit room calls attention to itself, and good lighting brings life to the colors and shapes of other elements.

In a formal dining room, including a chandelier over the table can make a statement while also bolstering the room’s brightness. However, with so many chandeliers on the market to choose from, selecting the best fixture for your home can be a tricky task.

With patience and a designer’s vision, you can select a pendant light or rustic chandelier that complements and elevates your dining space. If you’re struggling to find the perfect chandelier, try using the following tips.

1. Match the Table with the Light Fixture

Your chandelier and your table should complement one another. The key to choosing a chandelier that harmonizes with your table is to get the proportions correct. In general, a chandelier should be about one-third the width of the table. So, for a round table with a diameter of six feet, the chandelier should be two feet wide. Additionally, consider the shape of the table– though mixing and matching is a personal choice, rounder chandeliers tend to look natural with curved tables, while boxy or angular fixtures compliment rectangular tables.

2. Select the Proper Height

Next, consider the height of your eating space. A chandelier should hang low enough to illuminate food and faces well, but not so low that guests might bump their heads. As a rule of thumb, hang a chandelier so that 30 to 34 inches remain between the tabletop and the bottom of the fixture.

3. Think About The Room’s Architecture

Once you’ve determined a practical size and shape for your chandelier, consider your style preferences. A chandelier should make sense with the architecture and design of the rest of your home. If you have a colonial or Victorian home, wrought iron rustic chandeliers might be the perfect choice. Wrought iron rustic chandeliers might also work well in farmhouses or log cabins. However, a modernist home might benefit from more geometric pendant lights with glass or crystal elements.

Choosing the best chandelier for your home can seem exhausting. However, once you’ve found the perfect light, your entire dining area will be transformed. Use these tips to finally find the chandelier of your dining-room dreams.

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