3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wall Sconces

According to a recent survey, over half of homeowners (51%) planned to begin or continue home renovations in 2018. During any renovations project, it’s easy to get caught up in choosing paint colors, picking furniture, and selecting drapes. However, many forget that lighting also has a huge impact on the appearance of a room. From natural sunlight to rustic chandeliers, the simple addition of a light source can drastically change the way we feel our living space.


If you’re thinking about bringing new light to a room in your home, consider the many benefits of wall sconces. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect wall sconces to brighten any space:

How to Choose the Perfect Wall Sconce Fixtrues

1. Take Other Decor Into Account

When selecting a style for your new wall sconces, it can be tempting to choose the first set of lights that appeal to you. Though you may love that set of sconces with the silver shades, if their style doesn’t match other fixtures in your home, proceed with caution. Try to find sconces that harmonize and accentuate other features in the space without being too matchy-matchy.

2. Consider the Light’s Intended Function

Next, take time to think about what purpose you want your new sconces to serve. Wall sconces are frequently considered “task lighting,” which refers to lights positioned for a specific purpose beyond an ambient brightness. Task lighting might include sconces mounted behind a sofa for reading light, or sconces that line an entryway to guide visitors inside.

Choose a specific purpose for your new lights, and then select the best sconces to get the job done. Light fixtures with an adjustable arm might make great lights for reading or cooking, while gentle light sources that cast a wide, steady glow might be ideal for lighting a staircase.

3. Don’t Defeat the Purpose

Finally, ensure that your wall sconce installation doesn’t defeat the purpose of these handy little fixtures. Sconces are often valued because they can be installed in groups to create symmetry, and sconces also take up less space than lamps, making them an excellent choice for small rooms. Don’t ruin their charm by installing sconces where they’ll cast awkward shadows, or at a height so high they don’t brighten the space. Try using blue tape to mark out the future home of these lights so that you have a sense for how they’ll look after installation.

Though often overlooked, sconces offer a fun, attractive, and ergonomic way to add light to nearly any room. Use these tips to get the most out of your new wall sconces for a more functional and more beautiful space.